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Dear Not Primetime Writer Letter

Dear wonderful writer,

This is my first time participating in npt, so I'm not entirely sure how to put this letter together. But I hope it'll be coherent enough to be helpful. You'll see that I'm easy to please, so don't worry too much :)

Let's start with some general notes. Please don't write me anything with sexual content or character death. I'm also not a fan of mpreg or abo or anything along those lines. Other than that, I'd be happy with anything. I tend to like genfic and friendship based fic better than romance, but I'm not opposed to romance either. I like stories that make me laugh or cry or think deeply.(or all three) And I'm ridiculously fond of running gags :D

Specifically for each fandom I signed up for:

Hey say jump

I love the whole group but Takaki is my favorite. I think Keito would be my second favorite at the moment. I'm #teamallthepairings so if you want to write romance, literally anything is fine :D


I love the platonic friendship between Sherlock and Joan. And Bell is lowkey my favorite character. My favorite parts of the show are the moments between cases when they get the chance to interact in a more casual way. Plus, I really love Sherlock waking up Joan (and I wish she'd get revenge sometime!)

Star Trek Voyager

This was my favorite show as a child. I'm actually rewatching parts of it right now as research for an AU I'm writing. I forgot how strange and silly Trek can be sometimes. My favorite character was always B'Elanna. Her volatility fascinated me. I also like her romance with Tom and friendship with Harry. But really,I love everyone on that crew. (I think I'd prefer a story set during the series instead of something post-canon)

Like i said, I'm not sure what to write for this letter. If you want, feel free to stalk my own fics or my twitter to get a better idea about what I like. I certainly don't mind :) (links are in my intro post. Writing this on my phone may not have been a good idea)

Thank you in advance, wonderful writer! Good luck!
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