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Genex Letter

Dear lovely writer,

I'm still not good at writing these letters, but I hope this will be helpful.

So I'll just start with general likes and dislikes. I love things that will make me laugh. Dumb puns, running gags, meta jokes, sitcom-esque shenanigans, etc. Basically it's pretty easy to make me laugh (as long as it's not toilet humor). But not everyone likes writing humor, so I'm happy with any other genre too. Although if you want to write something angsty, please at least give me a happy ending. Or hope for a happy resolution. I don't mind a fic that will make me cry if I can smile at the end. Plotty actiony fics are fun but quiet introspective character studies are nice too.

My dislikes are simple. No character deaths please. No sexual content (as this is a genfic exchange I don't think this will be an issue). I'm not opposed to AUs in general but I think for the fandoms I've requested, I'd rather read canon fics (pre- and/or post- canon is good too, but I'll note that individually for each request)

I think that covers everything broadly, so now I'll get specific. Fandoms are just arbitrarily listed in order of how I signed up. Not by any sort of preference.

1) Fruits Basket (manga)
I just finished rereading the series, so I have lots of feelings again. I don't have any specific prompts for it though, but anything that explores the characters after the events of the series would be good. Lots of them go their separate ways, so what is it like when they meet up later? I think male friendships are particularly interesting, especially between some of these characters who have been antagonistic to each other in the past. I don't mind if you include other characters as well if necessary to the story.

2) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
My favorite anime series of all time! Again, no specific prompts so just whatever your heart desires. The story could take place before, during, or after the series. Although if you decide to write Mustang & Hughes, please give me something before the series because I don't want to think about Hughes dying. :(

For Mustang and Hawkeye, I do ship them, but it would be nice to see more of their relationship before things turn to romance. Like perhaps how it was when they first started doing office work after the war. That's gotta be a big transition right?

3) Yu-Gi-Oh
I've always really wanted a good post-canon fic dealing with the characters transitioning back to a somewhat normal life. That's why I requested Bakura & Malik and Bakura & Yugi. The lights have to learn to live without the darks. I just think that would be interested to explore. I'm sorry that I'm completely unhelpful without specific prompt ideas :/

Sidenote: I don't mind if you use the English or the Japanese names. And I don't mind if you include other characters.

4) Avatar the Last Airbender
I think I'd prefer a post-canon fic, but not something too long after the series ends. But I'mnot opposed to anything set during the series or even before. (Before might be a challenge though considering the pairings I picked. Oops)

I think Sokka and Zuko are fun. The prison break episodes were epic because of the two of them working together. A fic of them trying to overcome a problem would be fun. Or maybe Sokka tries to invent something but it doesn't turn out like he expected.

Toph with either Sokka or Zuko is fun too. She's such a strong character who plays well comically against either one of them. (They're Abbott, she's Costello... if you don't mind me referencing old comedians)

I say all this, but a serious story for any of these friendships would be lovely too. And as I said for the other fandoms, feel free to include any other characters you need.

5) Hey!Say!JUMP
I'm like 100% sure no one will write this for me but I'm hopelessly optimistic so i requested it anyway. Keito and Yamada are a really interesting, basically codependent friendship. I'd love a story exploring that dynamic. They track each other by GPS for goodness sake, there's gotta be some sort of story there.

I also really love Takaki and Hikaru. They're both complete dorks and I think they'd be fun together in any situation.

6) Elementary
Bell is low-key my favorite character. I want to know so much more about him. I requested him with either Sherlock or Watson. With Watson, it'd be fun just to see them together dealing with the fallout of something Sherlock did. Or maybe just the two of them in the office. Or outside of work too. Okay maybe just anything would be nice. I just like how they could bond over how exasperating Sherlock can be. But also a story completely unrelated to Sherlock would be good too. (I'm so unhelpful I'm sorry)

Bell and Sherlock are a slowburn kind of friendship and I like that. Bell's gunshot injury is something I wanted the show to continue to explore but it'salmost forgotten now that the show has moved forward. More of how that affected both of them would be nice.

I don't have any specific ideas for Sherlock and Alfredo. Maybe just something to about the transition from sponsor to friend.

7) Killjoys
Okay i literally just requested this because someone nominated Johnny & Lucy and I thought "yes that sounds GREAT" :D Seriously, they're the best relationship on the show. I love how sassy Lucy is even though she's a ship. And Johnny is just fun all around. Anything to explore that is fun.

I like the sorta-sibling-like relationship of Dutch and Johnny. Anything exploring their early days before the show started could be cool. Like just random warrants or even just them hanging out in Old Town.

8) Star Trek: Voyager
My favorite! There was never enough of the Harry and B'Elanna friendship in the series. I love their cute "starfleet" and "maquis" nicknames for each other. And I love that they come from such different backgrounds but learn to work together. I can't think of a specific prompt for them though. I'd be happy with anything.

Tom and Harry are like besties and they were fun too. Maybe something with them playing Captain Proton on the holodeck? Or Harry making Tom listen to his clarinet music? Again, anything is great. And i don't mind mentions of others if necessary.

9) Stargate SG-1
Teal'c as a fish out of water on Earth was always fun to see. It'd be nice to see Jack introducing him to various things, or vice versa once Teal'c becomes more familiar with Earth ^_^

For the whole team, I'd just like to see them hanging out outside of work. In any capacity. Or alternatively: they are forced to go to one of those teamwork building camps. That would be disastrous/hilarious probably.

Sam and Janet never got enough screentime together. If you write them, I kinda want to see Sam trying to give Janet parenting advice for Cassie even if she has no experience herself. But anything with the two of them bonding would be great. Let's just not think about the part of the series where Janet dies...


So I think that's it. I'm not really picky at all so even if I had a few prompt ideas listed, feel free to run with whatever you feel like. Just steer clear of the dislikes listed above and we're all good :) If it'll help, feel free to stalk my fics, twitter, or blog. There are links on the intro post in my journal. I'm sorry that it's like 95% hey say jump though...

Anyway, thank you in advance for your hard work! I look forward to the fic!
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