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End of the Year Fic Overview 2016

For fun, I thought it might be cool to go back and look over all the fic I wrote in 2016 like those fic meme things that go around. (I didn’t follow any specific template, but anyone is welcome to use this one if they want)

I posted a total of 24 complete fics in AO3, with a wordcount totaling 101,072 words.

1. Shop-a-holic (818 words) (written for shiritori)
2. Do Over (3,574 words) (written for shiritori)
3. Runaways (16,680 words)
4. Nothing (880 words)
5. Pride and Prejudice and Chocolate (2,546 words)
6. Under the sky, beside the waves (583 words) (written for shiritori)
7. HSJ Presents: How to Flirt in 6 Simple Steps (1,961 words)
8. I didn’t choose the idol life, the idol life chose me (4,684 words)
9. An Alternative Method (2,787 words) (written for shiritori)
10. Attention (426 words) (written for shiritori)
11. Small Victories (1,785 words) (written for NPT exchange)
12. Good Enough (2,345 words)
13. Amongst the Stars (27,208 words) (written for Primordium)
14. Pink Seashells on a Hot Summer Day (1,104 words) (written for shiritori)
15. Colors (4,600 words)
16. 5 times Marcus and Sherlock talked about friendships in an elevator + 1 time it was a staircase (5,740 words) (written for Genex exchange)
17. The Deconstruction of Croquet (or how Takaki got his groove back) (5,468 words) (written for The Game Season)
18. Just Say It (2,407 words) (written for shiritori)
19. All in the Cards (922 words) (written for JSD)
20. Not Exactly What it Says on the Box (988 words) (written for JSD)
21. Chinen’s Remedial School for Haunting (3,519 words)
22. Come Fly With Me (3,867 words) (written for Ateliers)
23. Trippin’ (3,957 words)
24. O Christmas Tree (2,223 words)

What fandoms did you write for this year?
I mostly wrote for Hey Say Jump again as usual, but I also wrote one fic for Star Trek Voyager, one for Big Bang, and two for Elementary. It was fun to branch out a little.

What did you write this year that you wouldn’t have expected last year?
I definitely did not expect to be writing a lot of Christmas tree pairing fic. I don’t even know how I started shipping Takaki and Hikaru together but it’s like consuming my life right now. They’re an unexpectedly interesting ship to explore, even if I write them angsty most of the time.

I also didn’t expect to write for fandoms outside of HSJ. But the change of fandom helps me feel a bit more inspired to write, so it was fun (and a bit nervewracking) to explore writing for new fandoms.

What was the most challenging thing to write?
Just in emotional terms, Come Fly with Me was so difficult to write. I felt like I was mentally tearing myself apart while putting that story together. I didn’t intend on giving either of them such tragic backstories at first, but then it just happened. And I felt broken after that. But in the end, I felt most satisfied with this fic than anything else I wrote this year, so the challenge was worth it.

Technically speaking, The Deconstruction of Croquet was the most difficult and annoying thing to write. I always wanted to write something in the style of a documentary (mockumentary?) but it was still hard to write in that format and make it understandable to the readers. I’m not entirely sure I succeeded. But I feel proud that I finally attempted it after a few years of having that story rattle around in my head.

What was the most fun to write?
The most fun might be just any of the crack fics, like I didn’t choose the idol life… and Do Over and Chinen’s Remedial School for Haunting. I just love putting the HSJ boys in the most ridiculous situations and making them interact in weird ways.

But it was also fun to try writing more fluffy fics. Pride and Prejudice and Chocolate was a joy to write. I think I wrote the whole thing in one afternoon, which hardly ever happens to me.

Favorite Opening Lines?
“Even if you did get a time machine,” Hikaru said weakly, “I still don’t think you’d stop me from getting food poisoning.”
-Do Over

It was a truth universally acknowledged that Chinen Yuri was completely hopeless in the kitchen.
-Pride and Prejudice and Chocolate

It happens so gradually that Takaki barely even notices at first. The world around him dulls and darkens until everything is gray. No other color left at all.

Favorite Closing Lines?
“Whenever I get better, somebody owes me a plate of shrimp.”
-Do Over

“Coward,” Chinen whispered to himself as the plane taxied down the runway back to Japan.

Later, when he got up to go inside, he could see Hikaru standing on the hotel balcony looking at the sky too, the smoke from his cigarette rising silently up to meet the stars.
-Under the sky, beside the waves

“Stop that,” Sonic complained. “No more narrating.”
-I didn’t choose the idol life, the idol life chose me

I’m okay.

Thing that made you laugh the most?
This part from I didn’t choose the idol life…:

Bullet nodded. “I think feathers are absolutely required for idols. It’s in their contracts.” He twirled around to leave again. “I will go acquire a bird for you.”

Thing that made you cry the most?
This part from Come Fly with Me:

He doesn’t remember much of his childhood, but occasionally there are flashes. Bits and pieces of his life before. He can remember the sound of a warm voice, the feeling of a gentle breeze against his skin, and the way sunlight reflects off the ocean like a million sparkling diamonds.

Character you like writing the most?
All right, I’m biased. It’s definitely Takaki. I’ve been trying to write the whole group in main roles in stories, but I really just like writing Takaki the best. He needs more love from the fandom. But my second favorite to write is Keito. I feel bad because I always write Keito’s life as being really hard, but at least he gets a happy ending too, yeah?

Character you need to apologize to?
I’m sorry Daiki. 2016 was not your year either. I should just admit to myself that I don’t know how to write you as a main character.

Favorite story of the year?
I think it’s probably a tie between Colors, which was probably my best fic, and Come Fly with Me, which I put the most effort into. But I have a soft spot for all the Christmas tree pairing fics I wrote. Because I’m horribly horribly biased :D

Also, I’m really exceptionally proud of the first Elementary fic I wrote. People have responded so kindly to that story, even though I worried so much about it while writing.

Underappreciated Story of the Year?
I think it’s probably Do Over which had a fun premise and some cute jokes. I think I’m probably the only one who likes it though LOL

Biggest Surprise of the Year?
Writing for new fandoms. I thought I’d stick to just hsj since I had so many things planned I wanted to write, but motivation was hard to come by this year and so I tried writing some new stuff. I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much and I’ll definitely try to write more new fandoms in the future.

Wordcount Breakdown
0-1k: 6 of 24 (25%)
1k-5k: 14 of 24 (59%)
5k-10k: 2 of 24 (9%)
10k-15k: 0 of 24 (0%)
15k-20k: 1 of 24 (4%)
20k+: 1 of 24 (4%)

My goal this year was to focus on writing longer fics, so I obviously failed there. But considering how difficult it was to write this year, I’m surprised I managed to write so many in the 1k-5k range. If it wasn’t for shiritori, I probably would have written a lot less this year.

Goals for 2017?
Well, I’ll try to write my long fics in 2017. I intend to write season 2 of Amongst the Stars to finish up my storylines, and I have a lot of things planned for the Mercenaries AU that I want to write as well. But also, I’d like to try writing for more fandoms. I think it’ll be fun to keep branching out.

And maybe 2017 will finally be the year I finish writing Hipster Yuto.

Special Thanks?
There are several people on twitter who kept cheering me on to keep writing and sending me supportive words of encouragement. I can’t thank you people enough. And I greatly appreciate everyone who took the time to leave comments on my fics this year. That means so much to me. Basically what I’m trying to say is that without you all, I’d probably have given up. Thanks for keeping me in the game :)

Final Thoughts?
As I always say, fanfic writing is practice writing to me. I know my writing has flaws, but I keep writing so that I can keep improving. I want to keep sharing stories that people will enjoy reading. This year was rough, but I made it through. Thanks for sticking with me!

Come chat with me on twitter if you ever want to say hello!
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