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Dear Genex Writer 2017

(Now updated and complete as of Thursday, July 20!)

Dear lovely writer,

Thank you in advance for the fic you’re going to write! I’m really looking forward to it and I hope I’ve put in enough options here to make things easier for you. Any prompts are just suggestions. Feel free to use your own if nothing here catches your fancy.

Let’s start with general dislikes first to get that out of the way. Please don’t include any explicit sexual content. (Since this is a genfic exchange, I assume that won’t really be a problem though.) I also would not like to read a fic with character death. You can’t really help characters that canonically die (like Hughes from FMA) but I’d really rather the story not focus on those. Non-canonical deaths are a big NO for me too. Additionally, I’m not a fan of anything that strays too outlandishly far from canon, like mpreg or ABO. And I don’t like stories that have manipulative friends. (Typically that’s a problem I have with romance fic, which again, shouldn’t be a problem here)

Things I do like: humor! Anything that makes me laugh is fantastic. I love running gags, stupid puns, characters whose Life is Hard, characters getting stuck in absurd situations. I realize, however, that humor is quite hard to write sometimes, so in that case, I also really enjoy optimistic stories, quiet introspective character studies, plotless domestic fluff, slice of life, angsty stories that have a happy ending, etc.

Here are a few more details, by fandom. The order doesn’t indicate preference at all. Feel free to add any additional characters if necessary to your story!

Request 1: Fruits Basket (manga)
I’ve always loved that Fruits Basket was a story about learning to accept yourself. It was also a story about growing up. I’d love to see any of these themes reflected in fic. I wouldn’t mind if it was set before, during, or after the manga ends. I don’t think I’m interested in any AUs for this fandom.

Kyou & Hatsuharu
When I think of this pair, I always think about Haru’s first introduction in the story: when he interrupts their class run to pick a fight with Kyou. I think it’s interesting how they push each other’s buttons, especially when Haru goes “black.”
Potential prompts: Haru getting the two of them lost somewhere and Kyou having to navigate back; the two of them just sparring together at Kazuma’s dojo; any of their canon interactions written from Haru’s POV; Kyou getting angry and challenging Haru to some sort of mundane task

Hana & Tohru & Uo
This is my favorite trio of the series (sorry Mabudachi Trio). I really appreciate stories with supportive female friendships. Hana and Uo are nothing but supportive of Tohru the whole time. And Tohru of course would do the same for them.
Potential prompts: a story of the early days of their friendship; a post-canon sleepover fic; the three of them spending a girl’s day together; two of them working together to help the third overcome a problem

Kakeru & Yuki
I swear these two would make a terrific comedy duo. Yuki always trying to be serious while Kakeru is clowning around. I do love what that dynamic does for their friendship. I think Yuki really needed a friend to help him lighten up a little.
Potential prompts: Kakeru trying (and failing) to give Yuki helpful life advice; the two of them just hanging out somewhere outside of school; Kakeru inviting Yuki over to do something stupid like make ranger costumes for the student council

Kyou & Yuki
Since this relationship was such a central one to the story, I would really love a look at how they interact post-canon. How often do they keep in touch? A look at their tentative attempt at friendship after the curse is broken would be nice.

Kyou & Uo
Like Kyou and Hatsuharu, I enjoy how Kyou and Uo push each other’s buttons. They’re both hotheads and I enjoy that clash.
Potential prompts: Kyou and Uo being partners on a school project; Kyou reluctantly getting advice from Uo about something to buy for Tohru; the two of them challenging each other to some sort of stupid/mundane competition; Uo telling Kyou more about Tohru’s mother (perhaps if you want a more serious prompt for them)

Request 2: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
While I enjoy the other FMA series, I really appreciated where the story went in Brotherhood. I wouldn’t mind any fic set before, during, or after canon. I don’t think I’d want to read an AU for this fandom. (Last year for this exchange, I got two amazing FMA fics: Updraft and Keep This from my children. Feel free to check them out too to see the kinds of things I like)

Al & Ed & Winry
Childhood friends grow and change over the years, but I really like how strong their bond remained the whole time.
Potential prompts: cute stories about the 3 of them as children before Trisha died; letters exchanged between the Elric brothers and Winry over the years; the brothers eating Winry’s apple pie when they return home

Al & Ed
So the whole series was basically the exploration of their brotherly bond, but I certainly don’t mind reading more about that in fic as well!
Potential prompts: stories of their travels during the series that we didn’t see; the two of them commiserating over how tough a teacher Izumi is in the early days of their training; fighting over something silly and then making up

Al & Winry
I love the budding romance between Ed and Winry, but it’d be nice to see more of the friendship between Al and Winry.
Potential prompts: cute stories of the two as kids whenever Ed isn’t around; any missing scenes from during the series; any important moments with the two of them rewritten from Winry’s POV

Breda & Falman & Fuery & Havoc & Riza & Roy
I LOVE this crew. I love them so much. They were all so loyal and devoted to each other, I think that’s just really nice to see.
Potential prompts: office-place shenanigans before they all get split up within the series; the first time they all worked together; everybody goes out for drinks together (or any other sort of bonding activity); a series of letters and/or phone calls amongst the group during the time they were all separated

Hughes & Roy
Best buddies until the end. Like I mentioned earlier, I can’t really handle character death, but fic set before Hughes’ death would be great. So I can pretend that night in the phone booth never happened :)
Potential prompts: the early days of their friendship; Hughes telling Mustang that he’s going to get married; a series of vignettes of the two hanging out together (Last year, I got a fun fic about the two of them solving a random case together. Something like that would be fun to read again too!)

Riza & Hughes & Roy
Riza is my favorite character and I would love to see more interaction between the three of them together.
Potential prompts: the three of them during the Ishvallan War (particularly finding any sort of optimism/hope amongst the horror they faced); the three of them investigating something together; any important scenes rewritten from Riza’s POV; Riza trying to get Roy to do his paperwork while Hughes keeps inevitably distracting him

Riza & Winry
It would have been nice to see more of these two interacting during the series. I’m curious what the two of them could have bonded over.
Potential prompts: Running into each other after the series; Riza giving Winry life advice (and maybe getting some in return?); the two of them commiserating over how stubborn the boys in their lives can be

Request 3: Avatar: The Last Airbender
I appreciated how this series never sidestepped the issue of the war going on, but it was also never lost its sense of lightheartedness and fun along the way. Anything set before, during, or after canon is fine, but as much as I like Legend of Korra as well, I don’t want anything set that far after the end of the series. The Gaang as young adults is fine. Again, this isn’t something I’d really want to read an AU for.

Iroh & the Gaang
Iroh was the fun adult (grandfather figure) they all needed in their lives! And I’m sure Iroh could get just as much out of the relationship in return
Potential prompts: Iroh giving the Gaang advice after the end of the series once everyone is trying to rebuild; something from Iroh’s POV where he reflects on each one of the Gaang; Iroh teaching everyone the importance of tea

Iroh & Zuko
Potential prompts: missing scenes from their time in Ba Sing Se during season 2; the two of them interacting when Zuko was a young child; important Zuko scenes written from Iroh’s POV; Zuko taking care of Iroh when he’s sick (like a cold, nothing life-threatening of course!); the two of them doing something mundane like going shopping

Katara & Zuko
Okay, I shamelessly shipped these two, but also I really like their friendship. I like how they’re so different as fire and water, but underneath that I think they’re really similar as well.
Potential prompts: interacting in the early days after the Firelord was defeated; sharing stories of their childhoods together; bonding over the loss of their mothers; both collectively worrying over Sokka doing something stupid

Sokka & Katara
Potential prompts: sibling bonding time! All the messy I-hate-your-guts-but-I-also-love-you-tons incidents that siblings have; moments from their childhood together

Sokka & Zuko
They’re a duo with a lot of fun potential. Honestly Sokka really needed a male friendship outside of Aang. (I love Aang but he acted so much younger sometimes)
Potential prompts: Sokka getting Zuko to be his guinea pig whenever he invents something; Sokka and Zuko practicing swordfighting together (RIP Space Sword though); Sokka and Zuko on a roadtrip to find Space Sword; awkwardly asking each other for relationship advice

Toph & Katara
I love developing female friendships, especially ones that don’t end up really toxic. Toph and Katara butted heads a lot at the beginning, but I like that they grew to respect each other.
Potential prompts: both complaining about Sokka and Aang doing something stupid; challenging each other to some sort of silly competition; the two of them having a serious bonding moment together over something

Toph & Sokka
I also… kinda shipped this, but I appreciate them as friends too. They’re a good duo for comedy because they always say what they want to say without regard for the consequences.
Potential prompts: Toph giving Sokka wrestling tips; Sokka reading stories to Toph; Sokka and Toph on a roadtrip to find Space Sword (alternative to Sokka and Zuko)

Toph & Zuko
Toph was the one most willing to accept Zuko when he wanted to join the Gaang, and I always thought that was an interesting start to their friendship.
Potential prompts: Zuko keeps confiding in Toph with his secrets and Toph keeps blurting them out to the Gaang; talking about Iroh together; Zuko and Toph finally go on a life-changing field trip together

Zuko & The Gaang
Anything from when he was their antagonist in season 1 to their reluctant ally by season 3. I’ve got no specific prompts though. Sorry!

Request 4: Elementary
The character moments make this show wonderful to watch more so than the cases, although I can’t say no to a good mystery fic if you can write it. This is one where I wouldn’t mind an AU, but nothing too outrageous (like don’t put them in Narnia or something). For an AU, I’d rather explore how any of these pairings would react if they’d met under different circumstances and in different settings. But of course, canon fic is lovely too.

Joan & Kitty
They’re both protégées of Sherlock, technically, so a look at that perspective would be nice.
Potential prompts: any missing scenes from when Kitty was around during season 3; Joan and Kitty corresponding after Kitty reconnects with them in season 5; the two of them bonding over something that’s not related to cases or Sherlock

Marcus & Sherlock & Joan & Kitty
Basically I just wish Kitty had been able to stay around longer to interact with everyone more. She was fun.
Potential prompts: everyone has a free Friday night and somehow they all end up playing board games at the Brownstone; the four of them on a road trip (I have no idea why though, I’m sorry)

Marcus & Sherlock
These two have been through some rough patches but I like that they have a great working relationship, and honestly, I wish Marcus would get some more focus on the show.
Potential prompts: The two having to work a case without Joan; Marcus inviting Sherlock for dinner; Marcus constantly having to apologize to people for Sherlock’s quirky interrogation/investigation methods during cases

Marcus & Joan
I ship these two, but I don’t think it’ll ever happen in the show itself. But I really like how the show portrays their friendship and willingness to help each other out.
Potential prompts: the two of them bonding over something that’s not Sherlock or case related; the two of them working a case without Sherlock; an AU where they meet because they’re stuck beside each other in the DMV line and become great friends in the process

Marcus & Sherlock & Joan
Potential prompts: Marcus remembers all the weird things he’s witnessed over the years working with Sherlock and Joan; Marcus invites them over for an evening at his apartment; ROAD TRIP

Sherlock & Joan
Potential prompts: alternative ways (AUs) they could have met; any important scene rewritten from the opposite POV than what we saw in the show; the two of them attempting to cook something weird together; the two of them taking Clyde to the vet for his usual checkup; a series of vignettes where Sherlock brings random animals home and Joan says NO; the two solve a locked-room case

Request 5: Girl Meets World
Honestly, this show got awful in its last season, but it had lots of fun potential to explore young friendships. That’s what I enjoyed most about it. Anything set before, during, or after canon is okay. And I probably wouldn’t mind an AU that isn’t too outrageous, although I’d prefer canon fic.

Cory & Riley
I don’t think the show focused nearly enough on the father/daughter relationship. I would have really liked to see Cory as less of a cheesy caricature and more like a real father/teacher.
Potential prompts: bonding father/daughter trip; any important scene rewritten from Cory’s POV; Cory tells Riley stories of how his life was growing up; Riley isn’t afraid to go to Cory for advice about things

Zay & Lucas
They’re supposedly best friends but we never got to see as much of that as we could have.
Potential prompts: their time growing up in Texas together; reminiscing about life in Texas and how they feel about living in NYC

Zay & Lucas & Maya & Riley & Farkle & Smackle
Potential prompts: literally anything where they’re just hanging out together and having fun (I’m sorry I’m so vague here)

Zay & Maya
This friendship had so much potential and then they FORGOT ABOUT IT. I’m still kinda mad. They could have been snarky fun together.
Potential prompts: bonding over difficult homework assignments; bonding over their best friends dating each other; they (reluctantly?) help each other pick out clothes for the school dance; Zay volunteers to be a model for one of Maya’s art projects

Maya & Riley
Potential prompts: Maya helping Riley with Spanish homework; sleepover fun; buying friendship bracelets; ROAD TRIPS; getting lost somewhere in NYC; commiserating over how difficult/annoying college applications are

Riley & Smackle
It would be nice to see Riley develop another female friendship outside of Maya
Potential prompts: Riley telling Smackle about Farkle as a child; the two of them joining an extracurricular club together; the two of them baking a cake together and all the chaos that would ensue

Request 6: Star Trek Voyager
My favorite part of Voyager was that they faced so much hardship all on their own. I’m sure that affected everyone in some way over the seven years they were out in the Delta Quadrant. Anything set during or after the series is fine. I’ve read some of the novels set after the series but don’t remember what happened in them, so making up your own ideas post-canon is perfectly okay with me. I don’t think I’d want an AU for this series, although having fun on the holodeck is awesome.

The Doctor & Seven
They had a weird teacher/student friendship, except I feel that at most times they were both just students bumbling along together in trying to understand humanity.
Potential prompts: The Doctor has a particular song he wants to sing but Seven refuses because she doesn’t really like it; Seven is the only one who patiently sits through The Doctor’s holo-photo presentations

Harry & B’Elanna
“Starfleet” and “Maquis” was my favorite friendship that wasn’t explored nearly enough. I loved that they called each other that in the early days.
Potential prompts: any missing scene involving them during the series; the two of them get stuck in the turbolift together; the two of them bonding over something that isn’t Tom; going on an away mission together; the two of them having to fill in for Neelix in the kitchen (for some reason??) and Harry has to try his hardest to keep B’Elanna from setting everything on fire in frustration

Harry & Tom & B’Elanna
Potential prompts: reminiscing about weird away missions over the years; any mission scenes (particularly set early in the series before Tom and B’Elanna start actually dating); Harry and Tom dragging B’Elanna into playing a Captain Proton program

Harry & Tom
Potential prompts: pretty much the same as the others: missing scenes, important scenes written from their POV, weird away missions, etc

Janeway & B’Elanna
The two of them are both very stubborn and strong-willed people and I’d love an exploration of the two clashing on something. That’d be a different dynamic to explore than the most of my other requests. I don’t have any potential prompts though.

Janeway & Tuvok
I love long-lasting friendships like the one they have. I thought it was always really sweet.
Potential prompts: the early days of them working together before Voyager; one giving the other advice (could be something big or something mundane); Janeway trying to convince Tuvok to try coffee

Tuvok & Any
Simply put: I’d just like any fic where somebody (or ALL OF THEM) make Tuvok feel like an exasperated father figure. Because as I’ve rewatched the series lately, it really does feel like Tuvok is the “I’m too old for this” father to the whole crew.

Request 7: Stargate SG-1
I really like the seasons with the original four as the core group the best (basically 1-5 and 7), so I’d really like fic to be set during any of these seasons. I don’t think I’d want an AU for these just because the setting/storyline are some of my favorite things about the series.

I honestly don’t really have any specific prompts for these pairs. Pretty much I’d just like to see any of them hanging out outside of work, going on a road trip (on or off world) for some reason, or just a missing scene from any episode that might be interesting to explore further. Any combination of the following interacting would be great:

Daniel & Jack
Daniel & Teal’c
Jack & Teal’c
Sam & Daniel & Jack & Teal’c
Sam & Teal’c
Sam & Daniel

The only slightly different pairing is Sam & Janet. As I said elsewhere in my letter, I love female friendships, and it’d be nice to see this one develop. (But please, make it well before Janet dies!)
Potential prompts: hanging out together off the base; Sam trying to give Janet parenting advice about Cassandra despite her lack of experience on the matter; Sam being Janet’s most stubborn patient

So here you go, Genex Writer! Hopefully you'll find something helpful here to make your job easier. Feel free to stalk my fics if you think that'll help too. I've written a few of these fandoms before :P

Good luck!
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