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Dear Writer Letter Template

The following is a potential template/outline to use for writing a fic exchange letter.

General likes and dislikes:

Explain the kinds of things you’d like to read in fic as well as things you do not enjoy reading. You can be as detailed or as brief if you’d like.

Good general topics can include genres (ex: angst, humor, slice of life), relationship dynamics (ex: friends to lovers, opposites attract, rivals), AUs (ex: coffee shop au, office au, characters IN SPACE au). It might be helpful to include if you have a preference for canon or AU fic.

Examples are great to make things more clear. Links to TV Tropes can also be helpful (but may also distract your writer for hours/days on end, so beware!)

Don’t forget to include things that may be triggers for you, such as character death, extreme violence, etc.

Specific Pairings and Prompts:

Here’s your chance to explain more about what you’d enjoy specifically about the pairings you requested. Again, you can be as detailed or as brief as you choose.

Example Pairing 1:
You can talk about what aspects of the pairing you really enjoy. You can link photos/music/tweets/whatever to help inspire your writer for the specific pairing.

Potential Prompts:
You can detail specific prompts you’d like to see for the pairing.
A-san & B-san go on a road trip.
A-san tries to cook for B-san and fails horribly.
B-san tries to confess to A-san using only a potted fern and a deck of playing cards.

Details for prompts are nice, but don’t be so specific that it makes it difficult for your writer to follow. If you have a detailed scene-by-scene outline all ready… that might be too much. Writers are flexible, but they’re not all contortionists.

Example Pairing 2:
Potential Prompts 2:

See example 1. Repeat for as many pairings as you requested.

Any other important details:

To wrap things up, you can include any other information you think might be relevant for your writer as they set out to craft you an interesting giftfic. You can even link your own fics or fics you enjoy reading to give the writer additional information on what you might like to receive. It’s up to the writer to choose how much information they use when writing, and it’s up to you to decide how much you want to give them. Everything is optional!

Good luck writing!
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