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End of the Year Fic Overview 2017

For fun, I thought it might be cool to go back and look over all the fic I wrote in 2017 like those fic meme things that go around. (I didn’t follow any specific template, but anyone is welcome to use this one if they want)

I posted a total of 16 complete fics in AO3, with a wordcount totaling 47,525 words.

1. Playing House (1,007 words)
2. The Tell-Tale Hat (1,999 words)
3. One on One (1,379 words)
4. Study Session (1,282 words)
5. In your dreams (13,294 words)
6. Staycation (2,475 words) (for NPT exchange)
7. Kids These Days (2,032 words)
8. Not quite Bonnie and Clyde (221 words) (for shiritori)
9. Bounce back together (6,793 words) (for Genex exchange)
10. Nightmares not welcome (433 words) (for shiritori)
11. So you just became a vampire (1,559 words)
12. Crossing the (phone) line (3,275 words) (for Takaino fest)
13. You’re Sweet (2,639 words)
14. Confession (297 words) (for shiritori)
15. Oh what tangled webs we weave (2,000 words) (for shiritori)
16. Thank you for shopping (6,840 words)

What fandoms did you write for this year?
As usual, I wrote a lot of hsj fic, but I also branched out to try Girl Meets World, Fruits Basket, and Spiderman Homecoming fic too. And I wrote Star Trek Voyager again, which was fun to dive back into.

What did you write this year that you wouldn’t have expected last year?
Um, Spiderman fic! Definitely. I just couldn’t resist the fun academic decathlon team. I also didn’t expect to become obsessed with the Chinen/Keito ship (chiito as I like to call them). I wish I had written more for them actually.

What was the most challenging thing to write?
The most challenging was probably So you just became a vampire simply because I just couldn’t get my motivation going for it. Basically, I just threw in a bunch of dumb jokes and hoped it turned out okay (which apparently it did). I was so ready to be done with it.

What was the most fun to write?
Technically, I started writing Thank you for shopping ages ago, but I finished it up this year, so that was the most fun. I love writing the weird humorous crack fics the most. But I remember also having a lot of fun writing One on One because that was a birthday present to myself.

Favorite Opening Lines?
The first thing Kyou hears is humming, a little bit off-key, but it still sounds happy.

Nervous, very nervous!
-The Tell-Tale Hat

“I shall get undressed,” Hikaru declares with a grin as he stands up, presumably to start removing his pants.
-Oh what tangled webs we weave

Sometimes it feels like the academic decathlon team consists of about fifty kids instead of just nine students. All the talking and laughing and accusing somebody of stealing their pencils.
-Kids These Days

“Miral cries. A lot.”
-Bounce back together

Favorite Closing Lines?
“Besides,” he continued, “we never decided who was going to drive the getaway car.”
-Not quite Bonnie and Clyde

The basketball game may be over, but he can’t admit defeat just yet. There’s always an ebb and flow to this game.
-One on One

He isn’t talking about the cupcakes.
-You’re Sweet

The pleasant feeling from their dream lingers, like new roots settling firmly into the dirt.
-In your dreams

Thing that made you laugh the most?
This paragraph from In your dreams still makes me laugh just for how weird it sounds out of context:

“Yeah, it’s a fantastic story,” Chinen says in a biting sarcastic tone, from the end of the table where he’s digging into a pint of ice cream, looking every bit like the clichéd upset girlfriend character from any rom-com movie. Yamada’s not even sure when he sneaked off to the kitchen to steal the ice cream, since he’d been too focused on watching Daiki’s range of amazing facial expressions. “Some of us don’t have cute stories about meeting our soulmates because MINE IS A MERMAID.”

Thing that made you cry the most?
Maybe all of it because of how much I struggled to write this year? LOL. Okay, maybe not. If I had to pick, I’d say it was this bit from Bounce back together because the struggle to hold onto friendship always hits home:

For a half second, he wonders if Tom and B’Elanna are in the audience too. But then he brushes that thought away. He hadn’t spoken to either of them since he’d had that stupid fight with Tom six months ago. They didn’t even know anything about the performance. If it had been the old days, the two of them would have made up in a matter of hours or a day or two at the most. He and Tom probably would have sat down together in the Mess Hall and talked over a bowl of ice cream or something, working out the problem and getting back to the normal routine of their friendship. B’Elanna would probably drop by to call them both idiots too.

Character you like writing the most?
As usual, it is still Takaki. I just love getting into his point of view for a story. It was fun to write Keito again too, especially because I continually make his life Hard. Also, I may have really enjoyed writing Harry’s POV for the Voyager fic…

Character you need to apologize to?
It’s not Daiki this year! I actually wrote one fic where he played a prominent role. It probably won’t ever happen again though :P

I probably need to actually apologize to Yamada for making him a grumpy store manager in one fic, and housemates with a vampire in another.

Favorite story of the year?
Most definitely Thank you for shopping because I enjoyed writing it from start to finish. Kids These Days is probably a really close second, for the same reason.

Underappreciated Story of the Year?
Study Session. But I really shouldn’t be surprised because Girl Meets World isn’t really an active fandom for genfic. Still though, I was satisfied with how I wrote the group interacting together.

Biggest Surprise of the Year?
Still can’t believe I wrote Spiderman: Homecoming fic. Thanks to Sheryl for encouraging that :P I kinda would like to write more of the decathlon team in the future…

Wordcount Breakdown
0-1k: 3 of 16 (18.75%)
1k-5k: 10 of 16 (62.5%)
5k-10k: 2 of 16 (12.5%)
10k-15k: 1 of 16 (6.25%)
15k-20k: 0 of 16 (0%)
20k+: 0 of 16 (0%)

I did awful in terms of long fic this year, which is hilarious considering my goal for 2017 was to focus more on long fic. Switching jobs and computer issues and lack of motivation really hurt my ability to write fic this year. But thank goodness for shiritori! Without that, I would have written so much less.

(LOL this is almost exactly what I said last year too)

Goals for 2018?
I’d honestly like to get further away from hsj fic in 2018, only focusing on the few long fics I have in progress. (I’d seriously like to complete the mercenaries AU, for example). I’ll probably focus more on writing for different fandoms that I enjoy.

Maybe I’ll get to write Hipster Yuto one day too. Maybe. Maybe not.

Special Thanks?
Thanks as always to the readers who leave comments and kudos. It’s really what keeps me going. I write fic as a fun way to practice my skills. But I post it so that other people might enjoy it too. It’s always nice to know when people do, and that my efforts haven’t been a waste of time.

And, of course, thanks to the ones who’ve encouraged me to write along the way. Support is so important, and I can’t express how much it means to me. So thank you all :)

Final Thoughts?
I’m always happy to chat over on twitter about writing, hsj in general, or other random things. Feel free to go yell at me there to write!
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