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End of the Year Fic Overview 2018

For fun, I thought it might be cool to go back and look over all the fic I wrote in 2018 like those fic meme things that used to go around. (I didn’t follow any specific template, but anyone is welcome to use this one if they want)

I posted a total of 6 complete fics and 1 in-progress fic in AO3, with a wordcount totaling 23,188 words.

1. Call me maybe (3062 words) (for Jumping Fic Carnival)
2. With feet planted firmly in the air (9453 words) (for Jumping Fic Carnival)
3. Endless Possibilities (2077 words) (for NPT exchange)
4. Most Wonderful Time of the Year (1550 words)
5. Attic (282 words) (for Shiritori)
6. Never Before, Never Again (3320 words)
7. All in a Day’s Work (3444 words… at the moment)

What fandoms did you write for this year?
HSJ as usual, along with Fruits Basket, Spiderman: Homecoming, and Elementary. I wanted to branch out to other fandoms too, but I didn’t get a chance.

What did you write this year that you wouldn’t have expected last year?
I wrote a takaino fic as a pinch hit for the JFC exchange, and I definitely wouldn’t have expected to write that. LOL. I also didn’t expect to end up writing Elementary fic again, but I was inspired by season six.

What was the most challenging thing to write?
All of it. This year was really a struggle. But I guess Endless Possibilities may have been the one to give me the most trouble. I’m still kind of disappointed that it ended up being plotless, though I think I did okay on the character interactions.

What was the most fun to write?
Definitely Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I’ve been wanting to write more of the decathlon team from Spiderman Homecoming. They’re a bunch of fun to play around with. Teenagers, am I right?

Favorite Opening Lines?
He annihilates entire solar systems with ease.
-Never Before, Never Again

Every book Mr. Harrington has ever read about teaching (it’s been two, both of which were required reading in college… so he actually only skimmed them) stressed the importance of keeping kids engaged in learning even during summer break.
-Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Favorite Closing Lines?
Here he is, with feet planted firmly in the air.
-With feet planted firmly in the air

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a delivery to make to ‘Tommy Gregson, Professional Dungeon Master’.”
-All in a Day’s Work (chapter 4)

Thing that made you laugh the most?
Probably the joke about Peter cutting out paper spiders instead of snowflakes in Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Actually, everything in that fic, tbh. Of all the genres out there, I enjoy writing ridiculous fic the most.

Thing that made you cry the most?
There was nothing that really made me cry this year while writing. But perhaps I think the emotions in With feet planted firmly in the air were the most poignant. Out of everything I wrote this year, that one was the most satisfying and I think that was because of the emotions in it.

Character you like writing the most?
This year specifically, I liked writing Takaki and Chinen in Never Before, Never Again. Okay, how often do you get the chance to write them as two somewhat supernatural incorporeal space creatures? LOL

Character you need to apologize to?
I should apologize to Marcus for having to deal with the absurdity of Sherlock and Joan each week. And I guess I should go back to apologizing to Daiki for not being important in fic again. (I love running jokes, even in real life I guess)

Favorite story of the year?
It’s probably a tie between With feet planted… and Never Before, Never Again. The first one, like I said before, was very satisfying to write. The second one was challenging because the premise was so weird, but I like how it turned out.

Underappreciated Story of the Year?
I don’t think anyone (other than the recipient and my beta reader) enjoyed With feet planted… as much as I did. Please go read it! There are hot air balloons and a cute puppy!

Biggest Surprise of the Year?
Writing an ongoing chaptered fic! Or really just an ongoing collection of vignettes. I usually only post stuff if it’s complete, but I really wanted to share the Elementary snippets because they were funny. Plus there’s not enough Marcus-centric fic! I’m looking forward to writing more of it next year.

Wordcount Breakdown
0-1k: 1 of 7 (14%)
1k-5k: 5 of 7 (71%)
5k-10k: 1 of 7 (14%)
10k-15k: 0 of 7 (0%)
15k-20k: 0 of 7 (0%)
20k+: 0 of 7 (0%)

Same as last year, computer issues really held me back at times from writing. (I hope to finally fix that in 2019.) It doesn’t help that writing all day long at my job kinda sucks away motivation/time to work on fics for fun. But it’s nice to see that I can still at least write fics with a couple thousand words. Hopefully next year I’ll get back to writing long fics again!

Goals for 2019?
I have a lot of in-progress fics I need to finish, so I’m going to focus on them. (But I know how inspiration for new ideas sneaks up on me all the time… so… we’ll see.) There are some fandoms I haven’t written for before that I want to dive into (Gundam IBO, NCISLA, Yugioh… etc). And I definitely want to focus on long fics again with well-developed plots.

Also, I really just want to finish the Mercenaries AU.

Special Thanks?
Thanks as always to the readers who take the time to read my fics, especially long-time readers who’ve stuck around all these years. I really appreciate it! Thanks to those who cheer me on when I’m struggling with writing something. And thanks to everyone who leaves kudos and comments. That positivity keeps me afloat when motivation is hard to come by.

Final Thoughts?
In many ways, it was a disappointing year for me for fic. But I probably needed the break. I hope to come back with better things to read in 2019! And if anyone out there ever wants to chat about writing, please don’t hesitate to say hi. Seriously!
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