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Dear NPT writer 2019

Dear lovely writer,

Thank you in advance for the fic you’re going to write! I’m really looking forward to it and I hope I’ve put in enough options here to make things easier for you. (I probably went overboard as usual lol) Any prompts are just suggestions! Feel free to use your own if nothing here catches your fancy.

Let’s begin with general likes and dislikes before diving into the individual requests. First and foremost, I love fics that make me laugh! I really enjoy humorous silly fics where all the characters are having a good time (even if there’s at least one exasperated character in the mix there too lol). Throw in some running gags and some dumb puns, and I’m pretty much set. But I also like characters getting stuck in absurd situations and characters whose Life is Hard (but they always have friends who help them out along the way).

If you’re not comfortable writing humor or not a fan of that genre, no worries! I also like really cute domestic fluff (like characters doing things around the house or going on simple dates), quiet introspective character studies, anything focusing on developing friendships, anything optimistic, holiday celebrations, slice of life, or angsty stories that have a happy ending. I enjoy stories that have an opportunity for character development and growth if possible, but I also like stories that are simply a snapshot into the lives of the characters. Healthy relationship dynamics (romantic or platonic) are a plus too. 

Basically, I like happy stuff. Fanfic is escapism for me :D

(Also, judging by my prompts for a lot of these, I am desperate for road trip fic or board game fic LOL)

My dislikes are simple: I don’t read graphic sexual content. I don’t mind if sex is implied if you think that’s warranted for the story, but I don’t need the details. I’m also not a fan of character death (of course, if it’s canon, there’s not much else you can do about that). But if a character dies in canon, I’d prefer the fic to focus on a time before that character passes instead of something like flashbacks and other characters grieving. Of course, non-canonical deaths are a big NO too. 

Additionally, I’m not a fan of anything that strays too outlandishly far from canon, like mpreg or ABO. I’ll note for each individual fandom whether AUs are welcome or not. 

So here’s a breakdown of potential (mostly vague) prompts by fandom and pairing. The order doesn’t indicate preference at all. And feel free to add any additional characters outside of the main pairing focus should the story warrant it.

Fandom 1: Fruits Basket
I’ve always loved that Fruits Basket was a story about learning to accept yourself. It was also a story about growing up. And friendship was a crucial theme as well. I’d love to see any of these themes reflected in fic. I prefer the manga canon to the 2001 anime, but I'm not opposed to fic based on that if that's what you want to write. (I haven't seen the new anime yet but since it follows the manga, it shouldn't be a problem either) I wouldn’t mind if the fic was set before, during, or after the manga ends for this fandom. I don’t think I’m interested in any AUs for this one… (except for maybe the “Sorta Cinderella” universe of that silly school play they did… that might be fun!) 

Honda Tohru/Sohma Kyou
I think these two are really sweet together, and the manga does a great job of developing them both to the point where they fall in love and end up together. I’d really love a post-canon look at what they do after the manga ends. 
Potential prompts: Kyou and Tohru adjusting to living on their own together; Tohru asks Kyou to teach her the basics to martial arts; the two of them go on a trip somewhere together; celebrating a holiday together

Sohma Hatsuharu/Sohma Rin
Again, another couple that I’d love to see what happened to after the manga ended. My prompts for this pairing are basically the same as the ones for Tohru/Kyou too… I’ve got nothing real specific for them in mind. I’d just like to see them be happy together, more than they had a chance to during the manga.

Hanajima Saki & Honda Tohru & Uotani Arisa
I loved their friendship so much. Though sometimes Hana and Uo were a bit overprotective, it seemed like the three of them had a very healthy friendship.
Potential prompts: a story set in the early days of their friendship (were things ever awkward? What was it like learning more and more about each other?); a post-canon sleepover fic (sorta like a comparison to the first time they visited Tohru at Shigure’s house); the three of them spending a girls day together (where would they go? What would they do?); two of them trying to find a birthday gift for the third; taking a road trip together

Manabe Kakeru & Sohma Yuki
These two make a great comedy duo, tbh. Plus, like I said earlier, I apparently just really like exasperated characters (and the people who make them so)
Potential prompts: Kakeru trying (and failing) to give Yuki helpful life advice; the two of them just hanging out somewhere outside of school; Kakeru inviting Yuki over to do something stupid like make ranger costumes for the student council; the two of them take a road trip together

Sohma Kyou & Uotani Arisa
I love how Kyou and Uo are such hotheads who push each other’s buttons all the time (particularly when they first met). 
Potential prompts: Kyou and Uo being partners on a school project; Kyou reluctantly getting advice from Uo about something to buy for Tohru; the two of them challenging each other to some sort of stupid/mundane competition; Uo telling Kyou more about Tohru’s mother (perhaps if you want a more serious prompt for them)

Sohma Hatsuharu & Sohma Kyou
I think it’s interesting how they push each other’s buttons, especially when Haru goes “black.” But there’s also the contrast of Haru being pretty chill when he hasn’t snapped.
Potential prompts: Haru getting the two of them lost somewhere and Kyou having to navigate back; the two of them just sparring together at Kazuma’s dojo; any of their canon interactions written from Haru’s POV; Kyou getting angry and challenging Haru to something dumb

Honda Tohru & Sohma Rin
I think a post-canon look at what their friendship looks like would be interesting.
Potential prompts: going shopping together; board game night that Rin reluctantly ends up at; cooking together; Tohru tries to get Rin to take up a hobby

Fandom 2: Spider-Man Homecoming
For this fandom, feel free to write stuff set before Infinity War/Endgame. In fact, we can pretend those movies don't exist. I'd also prefer canon fic to random AUs for this fandom.

Ned Leeds & Peter Parker
Nerdy friends are great friends :D
Potential prompts: how the two of them met/became friends; the two of them just hanging out putting together Star Wars models and playing video games and such; Ned asking Peter if he can meet Tony Stark; Ned making up various (weird) excuses for why Peter keeps missing Academic Decathlon practice; the two of them brainstorm various superhero names for Ned (you know, just in case he ever needs one)

Michelle Jones & Ned Leeds & Peter Parker
I think adding Michelle to their friendship mix would be fun too. (I like the MJ/Peter pairing but I like the idea of exploring their friendship too)
Potential prompts: the three hanging out between classes or outside of school; dealing with the stress of midterms or finals; the three of them on a team for a schoolwide scavenger hunt (or alternatively, they're competing against each other)

Peter Parker & Tony Stark
Potential prompts: how did their first meeting go? How did Tony discover Peter and why did he decide to help him; Peter and Tony interacting in the gap of time between the end of Homecoming and the beginning of Infinity War; Tony takes Peter out for ice cream and things do not go according to plan; any scene from Homecoming written from Tony's POV

Fandom 3: Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse
I'm still so in love with how fun and moving this movie was. AUs are okay for this one and I also don't mind more alternate universe shenanigans either. (No explanation for dimension hopping needed lol)

Miles Morales/Gwen Stacy
They were cute :D
Potential prompts: the two of them meeting in different ways and different universes; how their relationship would have developed if Gwen had somehow been able to stay in the same universe somehow

Miles Morales & Spider-gang
I just want a bunch of fun chaos as they all hang out
Potential prompts: board game night at Aunt May's; the whole gang somehow visits each other's universes (bonus points for the noir universe bc I think that would be most fun); road trip with the whole gang and Peter B. is like their exasperated dad

Miles Morales & Peter B. Parker
Potential prompts: Miles giving Peter advice; Peter reminiscing about middle/high school and Miles' responses make him feel old; Miles tries to teach Peter about his artwork; an AU in which Miles and Peter are neighbors

Fandom 4: Elementary
My favorite quality of Elementary is how quirky it is. But that’s closely followed by the abundance of interesting character moments. Though I wouldn’t say no to a good mystery fic if you wanted to write that too. This is a fandom where I wouldn’t mind an AU if it was something like how these pairings would react to meeting under different circumstances and in different settings. But canon fic is lovely too!

Sherlock Holmes & Joan Watson
Potential prompts: alternative ways (AUs) they could have met; any important scene rewritten from the opposite POV than what we saw in the show; the two of them attempting to cook something weird together; the two of them taking Clyde to the vet for his usual checkup; a series of vignettes where Sherlock brings random animals home and Joan says NO; the two solve a locked-room case

Marcus Bell & Joan Watson OR Marcus Bell/Joan Watson
I ship these two, but I like their friendship as well. So feel free to chose whichever incarnation of this pairing you’d like. (If romantic, please don’t treat Marcus’ canon girlfriend awfully for the sake of getting Batson together. I'm cool if you pretend she doesn't exist)
Potential prompts: the two of them bonding over something that’s not Sherlock or case related; the two of them working a case without Sherlock; an AU where they meet because they’re stuck beside each other in the DMV line and become great friends in the process (why is this one so oddly specific, I don’t know); enjoying (or not enjoying) an office holiday party together

Marcus Bell & Sherlock Holmes & Joan Watson & Kitty Winter
Feel free to write either canon fic or an AU where Kitty had been able to stay around with the group longer. Lots of potential friendship dynamics to explore with this group.
Potential prompts: everyone has a free Friday night and somehow they all end up playing board games at the Brownstone; the four of them on a road trip; celebrating a holiday together; Sherlock holding a remedial lockpick lesson for them (though they insist their skills are fine); somehow they get roped into a secret Santa exchange??

Marcus Bell & Sherlock Holmes
I kind of want to see these two interact more outside of work but case fic is fine too. This is that kind of exasperated dynamic that I really enjoy. 
Potential prompts: The two having to work a case without Joan; Marcus inviting Sherlock for dinner or coffee; Marcus constantly having to apologize to people for Sherlock’s quirky interrogation/investigation methods during cases; going on a road trip together

Marcus Bell & Sherlock Holmes & Joan Watson
Pretty much the same kind of group prompts I listed earlier but minus Kitty

Fandom 5: Orphan Black
I tend to prefer post-canon fics for this fandom because I’m curious how their lives go after all the clone intrigue has settled down, but fics set before and during canon are not too bad either. I also think I would also prefer canon fic to an AU. (And as you can see with my prompts, I tend to prefer lighthearted silly stuff to counteract all the high stakes life threatening stuff that happened in the show)

Art Bell & Felix Dawkins
All I really want from this pair is the buddy cop comedy we all deserved! Though Felix obviously is not a real cop, they make a hilariously weird team to investigate things together. I wanted more of them teaming up in the show. Any prompt is fine as long as it shows that buddy cop dynamic :D

Helena & Donnie Hendrix
They’re such a comedy duo together. 
Potential prompts: Helena watching Uncle Donnie play with her babies; the two of them running an errand for Alison (and having chaos ensue); Helena somehow convinces Donnie to go camping (it goes slightly better than the last time they were hiding out in the woods); Helena attempting to cook while Alison is away (and Donnie has to keep making sure nothing catches on fire)

Delphine Cormier/Cosima Niehaus
Potential prompts: A story about them traveling the world together, finally getting to be happy together; Celebrating a holiday together; doing science stuff together; going on a cute date together

Fandom 6: Star Trek Voyager
I don’t mind fics set during or after canon (feel free to ignore the novels set after the series). And I don’t want an AU for this fandom, though having fun on the holodeck is totally okay!

Tom Paris/B’Elanna Torres
Potential prompts: the two of them adjusting to being new parents; a look at how their lives change once Voyager returns home; any missing scene from an episode about them that needed expansion; a cute date on the holodeck; Tom talks to B’Elanna more about the events of “Extreme Risk” (this one if you want a serious prompt. I’ve always been disappointed how B’Elanna’s sudden bout of depression was never talked about again. Realistically, she probably would have struggled with it more.) 

Harry Kim & Tom Paris
Potential prompts: imagine Tom and Harry somehow getting stuck filling in for Neelix in the kitchen when he gets sick; any missing scene for the two of them; Harry being interested in learning more about 20th century pop culture and Tom being interested in learning more about music (I like when friends take an interest in their friend’s hobbies); the two on a weird away mission together

Harry Kim & B’Elanna Torres
This pair was my favorite friendship, and I wished “Starfleet” and “Maquis” had more screentime together
Potential prompts: any missing scene; going on an away mission together; bonding over something that isn’t Tom; getting stuck in a turbolift together (but not like the clichéd romantic elevator trope); Harry and B’Elanna being the ones filling in for Neelix; playing sports together on the holodeck and getting really competitive over it 

Kathryn Janeway & Tuvok
I thought their long-lasting friendship was so sweet.
Potential prompts: the early days of working together before Voyager; giving each other advice; Janeway trying to convince Tuvok to try coffee; spending time with each other after Voyager got home (like Janeway coming to visit Tuvok and his family)

Harry Kim & Tom Paris & B’Elanna Torres
Pretty much the same kinds of prompts listed for Harry & Tom and Harry & B’Elanna.

The Doctor & Seven of Nine
They had a weird teacher/student friendship, except I feel that at most times they were both just students bumbling along together in trying to understand humanity.
Potential prompts: The Doctor has a particular song he wants to sing but Seven refuses because she doesn’t really like it; Seven is the only one who patiently sits through The Doctor’s holo-photo presentations; any missing scene or away mission together; running a holodeck program together

Seven of Nine & Naomi Wildman
I enjoy their unlikely friendship. 
Potential prompts: Seven watching Naomi grow up even after Voyager returns home (how their friendship changes as they get older); the two of them hanging out on the holodeck together; the two of them trying to learn something new together (like a new hobby)

B'Elanna Torres & Tuvok
Grumpy B'Elanna and Calm Tuvok seem like a fun dynamic to explore
Potential prompts: an away mission together goes wrong; they share a table in the mess hall bc no other seats were available and they find something in common to talk about; the two of them coincidentally running into each other once they've returned to earth

Fandom 7: Killjoys
I hardly ever request fic for shows that aren't complete yet but I just love these characters so much. AUs are totally fine for this fandom if that floats your boat. Canon is good too.

Johnny Jacobis & Lucy
I just love them being sassy together
Potential prompts: just interacting together during some downtime; Lucy asking questions about what happens to the team when they're not on the ship; Johnny giving Lucy an upgrade

Johnny Jacobis & Pree
I honestly don't have any specific prompts. I just want to see them interacting more in general. (I love how fabulous Pree is so much)

Aneela & Dutch
Potential prompts: an AU where they were actual twins who grew up together; missing scenes of them interacting in the green together (forging a tentative relationship, etc); Aneela tells Dutch more about her early life; an AU where Aneela is a guardian angel who stays hidden from Dutch but still keeps her out of trouble (or tries to but she's not the best guardian)

D'avin Jacobis & Fancy Lee
No prompts. Any interaction and expansion on their relationship is cool with me

D'avin Jacobis & Johnny Jacobis
Potential prompts: their childhood together (the good and the bad); they try to throw a party for Dutch and chaos ensues; what they talked about while trapped with Delle Seyah; both giving each other (unintentionally) bad advice about a situation

So that’s it! I hope you found something helpful here! If you feel like you need more ideas, feel free to stalk my fics or previous giftfics I've received because they're a pretty good representation of what I enjoy reading. But really, as long as you steer clear of my DNWs, I'll be happy with anything.

Thanks again! Good luck writing!
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