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2019 JFC exchange letter

Dear lovely writer, 

Thank you in advance for the fic you’re going to write! I’m really looking forward to it and I hope I’ve put in enough options here to make things easier for you. (I probably went overboard as usual lol) Any prompts are just suggestions! Feel free to use your own if nothing here catches your fancy.

Let’s begin with general likes and dislikes before diving into the individual prompts. First and foremost, I love fics that make me laugh! I really enjoy humorous silly fics where all the characters are having a good time (even if there’s at least one exasperated character in the mix there too lol). Throw in some running gags and some dumb puns, and I’m pretty much set. But I also like characters getting stuck in absurd situations and characters whose Life is Hard (especially Keito but he always has friends who help him out along the way ^_^). 

If you’re not comfortable writing humor or not a fan of that genre, no worries! I also like really cute domestic fluff (like characters doing things around the house or going on simple dates), quiet introspective character studies, anything focusing on developing friendships, anything optimistic, holiday celebrations, disastrous first dates, childhood friends to lovers, slice of life, or angsty stories that have a happy ending. I enjoy stories that have an opportunity for character development and growth if possible, but I also like stories that are simply a snapshot into the lives of the characters. Healthy relationship dynamics (romantic or platonic) are a plus too. 

Basically, I like happy stuff. Fanfic is escapism for me :D

My dislikes are simple: I don’t read graphic sexual content. I don’t mind if sex is implied if you think that’s warranted for the story, but I don’t need the details. I’m also not a fan of character death. Characters getting injured is fine if that's part of your story, but don't kill them please.

Additionally, I don't like anything too outlandish, like mpreg or ABO or genderswap. I also do not want cheating or student/teacher relationships or manipulative friends.

Now, the pairings!

Takaki/Hikaru is my OTP and I'd gladly take any fic for them. I think their dynamic has potential for a lot of fun ^_^

But honestly, I'm happy receiving any pairing that doesn't include Yabu or Inoo. (You can include those two in friendship pairings! I'm just not into reading them in romantic pairings.) Some other favorite pairs include Chinen/Keito, Takaki/Chinen, Hikaru/Chinen, Takaki/Yuto, Takaki/Yamada, Yuto/Keito, and Daiki/Yamada. I'm cool with other pairings not mentioned here! These are just my top faves. I won't be upset if you choose to write other pairings.

Also as mentioned earlier, I like genfic too. So if you'd rather write a friendship based fic, go for it! You can focus on a specific pair or the whole group ^_^

Now, settings and prompts!

I don't have specific prompts for specific pairings, so feel free to use whichever characters seem best for whichever prompt you like. (Or come up with your own prompt, if you like. I'm cool with that. These are only suggestions.)

Canon fics are fine. If you choose canon fic, I'd love to see things like the group getting ready behind the scenes for concert tours, album releases, TV recordings, etc. Or maybe a look into what they do when they have free time.

I'm sorry I don't have a ton of canon prompts, though you may be able to take ideas from my AU prompts and adapt them for canon if you'd like.

To be honest, I love AUs for hsj because it's kinda like casting them for a movie, right? :D So here's a list of AU settings (in no particular order) and some potential prompts for them. [Note: if I label something as fusion, it just means you can use that already established universe as the setting. You don't have to write a crossover]

Space AU (or Star Trek fusion)
Potential prompts:
• characters as intergalactic truckers
• A-san is a scientist taking B-san on his first trip into space
• characters as intergalactic bounty hunters
• A-san and B-san are space explorers who accidentally crash their ship on a planet they've never been before
• characters are stuck in a prison ship and must escape

Fantasy AU
Potential prompts:
• characters are on a quest for a magical item
• A-san is trying to rescue a princess from a castle and finds B-san instead
• A-san runs a tavern where all sorts of interesting travelers pass through
• A-san wants to confess his feelings to B-san but a grouchy dragon keeps getting in the way

Superhero AU (or My Hero Academia fusion)
Potential prompts:
• A-san and B-san fall in love while trying to catch a villain
• characters go through superhero training
• A-san and B-san are two villains trying to change their lives and be good
• A-san and B-san bond over how useless their superpowers are
• superheroes celebrate a holiday together

College AU
Potential prompts:
• characters get together for board game night
• A-san and B-san meet through a study group
• characters go on a road trip during a school break
• A-san keeps trying to convince B-san to join his club/athletic team/etc
• A-san doesn't like B-san because he keeps checking out all the library books he needs
• A-san and B-san meet at a college theater performance
• what holidays on campus are like

Ghost/ghost hunting AU
Potential prompts:
• characters investigate a supposedly haunted house (or other location)
• A-san asks B-san for help to get rid of the ghost haunting his apartment
• A-san and B-san bond by sharing their favorite ghost stories
• characters take a road trip to visit all sorts of haunted places
• A-san doesn't believe in ghosts and B-san is determined to prove him wrong
[Note: I'm really into ghost stories right now and I like chilling, spooky stuff but nothing really terrifying/traumatizing at the end of the story. So if you choose this AU, please just make sure the ending isn't too sad]

Basketball AU
Potential prompts:
• characters form a basketball team but only vaguely know how to play
• A-san coaches a team and ropes B-san into being his assistant
• A-san and B-san are players on rival teams
• A-san watches all of B-san's games but doesn't know how to confess his feelings
• A-san and B-san are on the same team traveling to a basketball tournament together

Other AUs I like but don't have specific prompts for: coffeeshop, pirates, neighbors, hanahaki, soulmates. Honestly I like just about anything.......

And if this isn't already overwhelming, I would also be happy with any sort of AU mashup. Some examples: college au but they're all superheroes in training; flowershop au but the flower shop is located on a space station; coffeeshop au during a zombie apocalypse; office au but they're ghost hunters; a (rock) band of pirates; etc

If you can dream it, you can do it, Writer-san!

So that’s it! I hope you found something helpful here! If for some reason you feel like you need more ideas (lol), feel free to stalk my fics or previous giftfics I've received because they're a pretty good representation of what I enjoy reading. But really, as long as you steer clear of my DNWs, I'll be happy with anything. What I really want is for you to enjoy what you write :)

Thanks again! Good luck writing! 
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