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End of Year Fic Overview 2019

For fun, I thought it might be cool to go back and look over all the fic I wrote in 2019 like those fic meme things that used to go around. (I didn’t follow any specific template, but anyone is welcome to use this one if they want) 

I posted a total of 19 complete fics and 1 in-progress fic in AO3, with a wordcount totaling 49,228 words. So close to 50k this year! (These numbers would be higher but my laptop died before I managed to post 2 other complete fics... they're saved on my external so they'll be up sometime in 2020 whenever I get a new laptop LOL)

1. Pass, dribble, shoot, score (2915 words) (for Kacchako Week)
2. Always the last place you look (4215 words) (for NPT exchange)
3. Shoreline seashells (3864 words) (for Kacchako Week)
4. Vehement Denials (3329 words) (for Kacchako Week)
5. Smile for the cameras (smile for me) (4574 words) (for Kacchako Week)
6. scorched ceiling (2292 words) (for Kacchako Week)
7. when I close my eyes at night (3138 words) (for Kacchako Week)
8. love lines (1578 words) (for Kacchako Week)
9. When we're together (1846 words currently, ongoing)
10. A dazzling display (1598 words)
11. Catch me if you can (2869 words)
12. Carve out a space in my heart (1525 words)
13. Standard Poltergeist Activity (2108 words)
14. Magic (1867 words)
15. Unimpressive Horrors (2395 words)
16. Looking for love in all the tall places (2905 words) (for Jumping Fic Carnival exchange)
17. Memory Lane (2461 words) (for Jumping Fic Carnival exchange)
18. Presents, Presence (1039 words) (for Jumping Fic Carnival exchange)
19. The Waiting Game (2006 words) (for Jumping Fic Carnival exchange)
20. Just a few more minutes (704 words) (for Jumping Fic Carnival exchange)

What fandoms did you write for this year?
I branched out to try my hand at some new fandoms this year, like My Hero Academia and NCISLA. I also returned to old favorites such as Fruits Basket, Star Trek Voyager, and Hey!Say!JUMP

What did you write this year that you wouldn’t have expected last year?
Who knew I'd fall face first into MHA fic writing?? But it's been a lot of fun to explore. I also didn't expect to write so much for the JFC exchange, but it just... happened lol.

What was the most challenging thing to write?
I struggled a lot with Unimpressive Horrors for several reasons. Firstly, this is right when my laptop died, so I had to rewrite the fic based on the snippets I still had saved on my phone. But the story definitely benefited from the rewrite. Also, this was my first time writing from Todoroki's POV and I had troubles getting into his head. I had to do a lot more reflecting during this fic than usual to make sure he was in character. Lastly, this was a nice challenge to write descriptions... though I definitely could have improved there.

Despite the challenge, this one ended up as one of my favorites!

What was the most fun to write?
Everything I wrote for Kacchako Week was a ton of fun for me. It was my first time dipping my toes into writing for MHA fandom and I had no idea what to expect, but it turned out well. I enjoyed thinking up the silly plot in Shoreline Seashells. I loved developing the emotions in when I close my eyes at night. I had a blast writing the banter in Love Lines. All of it was worth the effort of trying to meet the deadlines for the week.

Favorite Opening Lines?
“I think maybe you’re just salty,” Sam says as he puts the car in park.
-Catch me if you can

Jefferies tubes were not made for three people to occupy all at once.
-Always the last place you look

Ochako dreams of destruction.
-when I close my eyes at night

Favorite Closing Lines?
The light overhead flickers like someone is playing with the switch.
-Standard Poltergeist Activity

Ochako stretches out her fingers, letting the light dance across her fingertips.
-when I close my eyes at night

Thing that made you laugh the most?
This part from Standard Poltergeist Activity:

“It’s just your standard poltergeist activity,” Hikaru answers between bites of cereal. “You know, lights flickering, moving things around, stealing my socks. That kind of stuff.”

“Wait, what was that about your socks?”

At that moment, a bunch of random socks fall from out of nowhere onto the two of them. Hikaru manages to shield his cereal from any harm. Takaki, however, yelps again and jumps up, looking at the ceiling as if there would be some explanation for the sudden rain of footwear.

“Bit of a prankster,” Hikaru explains like he’s simply commenting on something mundane like the weather.

Thing that made you cry the most?
This part from when I close my eyes at night:

She feels as though nothing can stand in her way.

That is, until the dream shifts, and here she is again amidst a wasteland of destruction. Amidst a sea of familiar villainous faces. Panic replaces adrenaline and it feels like lead weighing down every bit of her body. She’s being crushed. Her hands are shackled, trapped, useless. She can’t defend herself without her hands…

Character you like writing the most?
Definitely Bakugo Katsuki. He's so abrasive and that's something I don't usually get to write in my other fandoms. It's just really fun to get in his headspace. Also I get an excuse to write more curse words LOL

Character you need to apologize to?
As always, I must apologize to Daiki for not writing him again this year. Maybe next year is your year!

I probably should apologize to Yamada too for making him angsty in Memory Lane. But he got his happy ending though so... :D

Favorite story of the year?
Maybe it's because I'm just so obsessed with the todobaku pairing right now, but I think it's Unimpressive Horrors. I just love the haunted house premise and the slow feelings realization.

Honorable mention goes to when I close my eyes at night. I'm proud of the emotional content I wrote for that soulmate fic. This year I'll finally write the sequel to it.

Underappreciated Story of the Year?
It's gonna be Standard Poltergeist Activity because no one loves ghosts or that pairing as much as me!

Biggest Surprise of the Year?
Finally finishing Catch me if you can. I started writing it two years ago! I still can't believe I finally forced myself to finish it.

Wordcount Breakdown
0-1k: 1 of 20 (5%)
1k-5k: 19 of 20 (95%)
5k-10k: 0 of 20 (0%)
10k-15k: 0 of 20 (0%)
15k-20k: 0 of 20 (0%)
20k+: 0 of 20 (0%)

Goals for 2020?
I know I say this every year but I really do want to focus on longer fics. Looking at the wordcount breakdown above, I'm really disappointed I didn't write anything above 5k. I have a long list of fic ideas that will definitely be long fics, so I just have to stay focused and actually write them this year!

Also: maybe this is the year I finish the Mercenaries AU.

Special Thanks?
Thanks as always to the few people who cheer me on, and to the readers who continue to enjoy my fic year after year. I've received so many kind comments on fics this year, and that's been so nice to interact with people. ^_^

Final Thoughts?
In the first half of 2019, I really felt like I'd lost my spark for fic writing (without shiritori I probably wouldn't have written anything), but jumping into a new fandom reignited my desire to continue to share stories. And despite continuing computer issues, I'm not letting that hold me back anymore.

Here's to writing more in 2020!
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