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End of the Year Fic Overview 2015

For fun, I thought it might be cool to go back and look over all the fics I wrote in 2015 like those fic meme things that go around. (I didn’t follow any specific template, but anyone is welcome to use this one if they want)

I posted a total of 22 complete fics in AO3, with a wordcount totaling 180,251 words. I’m surprised that I wrote so many long fics this year!

1. Life Lesson #56 (2745 words)
2. Welcome to the Jungle (20,328 words)
3. A Bromantic Valentine (1424 words)
4. Day After Valentine’s Special (1629 words)
5. In Pursuit of a Suit (3981 words)
6. A Taste of Something Different (3073 words)
7. Crumbling Walls (37,404 words)
8. Scavenger Hunt (3215 words) (written for shiritori)
9. The Name Game (1141 words) (written for shiritori)
10. Driving Down Memory Lane (4115 words)
11. A Prank on Both Your Offices (25,157 words) (collab with nachtegael and written for Exordium)
12. Cute Things (901 words) (written for shiritori)
13. Listen Carefully (1701 words) (written for shiritori)
14. Lost Our Way (13,027 words) (written for YYE 2015)
15. Lazy Afternoon (4103 words)
16. Road to Recovery (890 words) (written for shiritori)
17. Hero of Another Story (14,323 words) (written for The Game Season)
18. Time (The Persistence of Memory) (17,575 words) (written for ateliers project)
19. The View From Up Here (4609 words) (written for Chinen the Plot Driver)
20. Welcome to Our Haunted House (3480 words)
21. The Universe Can’t Handle Them (1254 words) (written for shiritori)
22. 25 Days of Christmas (14,176 words)

What fandoms did you write for this year?
Hey Say Jump mostly, but also a tiny bit of Exo (and one featuring Jaejoong from JYJ/dbsk).

What did you write this year that you wouldn’t have expected last year?
All the romance definitely! I branched out and started writing more pairings than before. I’m actually really surprised by all the yutoyama I wrote (Lost Our Way, Road to Recovery, The View From Up Here) but I’m glad I had the opportunity to write them. I also didn’t expect to really love writing Takachii, but they were my favorite part of 25 Days of Christmas.

I also never would have expected to write anything really violent, but Welcome to the Jungle and Lost Our Way were both a bit more mature than I had imagined I was capable of writing. They actually ended up being some of my favorites from this year.

What was the most challenging thing to write?
In Pursuit of a Suit was the hardest to get people in character because I had never written Exo before and Jaejoong only briefly once last year.

In Crumbling Walls, the scene near the end of Part 3 where Inoo snaps at the group was probably emotionally the hardest thing for me to write. I procrastinated writing that scene for over a month and spent a good portion of time lying facedown on the floor between writing each sentence. (Also there was a reason the working title for that fic was TakaNOOOOOOO)

A Prank on Both Your Offices was challenging simply because I had never written a collaboration with someone before. We both had to spend a lot of time making sure our separate parts connected together smoothly. It was a very fun experience!

Time (The Persistence of Memory) taught me that I should never write any characters with a quirky way of speaking ever again. By the end of that fic, I was ready to have Daiki and Yamada just mysteriously disappear!

25 Days of Christmas was a challenge in learning how to write short things again. I tend to fall into the trap of over-explaining things, and so I tried to do that less for the drabbles. I failed a lot as some of them ended up being almost 1k long, but I think I did okay on some of them.

What was the most fun to write?
Time travel jousting!! Seriously, Hero of Another Story was so much fun to put together. I really enjoyed researching everything for that fic even if it ended up not being very historically accurate at all.

I also really liked making up the Yabu’s phone call breaks in A Prank on Both Your Offices. Especially the Hotel California one.

Favorite Opening Lines?
Yaotome Hikaru woke up one morning and couldn’t remember the last two years of his life.
-Time (The Persistence of Memory)

It was supposed to be a simple job, Yamada reminded himself as he ducked lower behind the bar to evade the bullets whizzing past overhead.
-Lost Our Way

“How would you like to go on an adventure?”
-A Taste of Something Different

“Unless you'd rather try and fit in your sister's uniform, you should think of a better distraction,” Daiki said.
-Lazy Afternoon

Not just anybody could make recovering from a fractured ankle look effortless, but Yuto could.
-Road to Recovery

Favorite Closing Lines?
Life Lesson #56: there is such a thing as precooked bacon
-Life Lesson #56

The Doctor grins back. “Of course, it was aliens.”
-The Universe Can’t Handle Them

Chinen had always been able to see a lot of things, and the view from up here was just perfect.
-The View From Up Here

“Who says that a hero is only limited to one adventure?”
-Hero of Another Story

He leaned back on the bench and stretched his arms up towards the sky, reveling in the fact that he couldn’t touch it, no matter how high he climbed.
-Welcome to the Jungle

Thing that made you laugh the most?
I still crack up at this whole part from A Prank on Both Your Offices every time I read it:

“In that case, I can do an exorcism,” Takaki said as he pulled out a tiny bottle of hairspray from his pocket. The whole group turned to stare at him in confusion.

“Okaaaay, ignoring the fact that you just offered to perform an exorcism,” Inoo began, “Why do you have hairspray? Who actually carries around bottles of hairspray?”

Takaki shrugged and took off the cap of the bottle. Minseok had given the bottle to him last week as a present. So, of course, he kept it with him in case of emergencies. “Who doesn’t?”

Chinen’s quiet answer of “bald people” was drowned out by the sound of Hikaru half-tackling Takaki and yelling at him for attempting to put hairspray on electrical equipment.

“You’re not a licensed professional!” Hikaru screeched. He managed to grab the bottle and throw it away. It unfortunately connected with the side of Keito’s head.

Thing that made you cry the most?
This part in Welcome to the Jungle:

There was never any rain in the underground, Yabu reminded himself, but he could swear that there were raindrops rolling down his face that night.

Character you like writing the most?
Chinen, surprisingly? He just sort of wormed his way into a bigger role in several fics. He’s such an interesting character because he seems so confident and great at everything, but really he’s just as human as everyone else. Well, mostly anyway.

Character you need to apologize to?
Daiki, I’m sorry you pretty much never do anything in my fics. Maybe 2016 will be your year?

Favorite Story of the year?
Crumbling Walls was like my baby. Probably my second favorite fic I’ve ever written.

Underappreciated Story of the Year?
Welcome to the Jungle. Seriously, I think this one is the most developed in terms of story and characters. It’s definitely the one I would recommend to read if you haven’t yet.

(Honorable mention goes to Time (The Persistence of Memory) because I feel like hardly anyone read that one. It’s a mystery, you guys! Go check it out~!)

Biggest Surprise of the Year?
How DID Time end up being 17k long??

Wordcount Breakdown
0-1k: 2 of 22 (9%)
1k-5k: 13 of 22 (59%)
5k-10k: 0 of 22 (0%)
10k-15k: 3 of 22 (14%)
15k-20k: 1 of 22 (5%)
20k+: 3 of 22 (14%)

It doesn’t feel like it to me but I wrote a lot of stories between 1k and 5k words. And I’m still amazed I wrote 7 fics that were 10k words or more. Crumbling Walls wins the prize for the longest at over 37k.

Goals for 2016?
I plan to focus on long fics this year so I can get more practice in better developing stories and characters. I intend on writing a lot in the Mercenaries AU which began with Lost Our Way. I’m going to write a sequel to Welcome to the Jungle for the Primordium challenge. If they run again in 2016, I plan on participating in The Game Season, ateliers, and YYE. And if I find some new multi-fandom challenges, I might do those too.

Also, I really need to finish writing Hipster Yuto.

Special Thanks?
Thank you to everyone who read, kudos’d, and commented on my fics. And thank you for the lovely people who beta-read for me, sprinted with me, and just were there for encouragement. I could not have written as much as I did without it.

Final Thoughts?
If anyone ever wants to talk about fic (my fic, your fic, fic writing in general), don’t hesitate to say hello. You’re free to talk to me in the comment section of this post, in the comment section of any of my fics, or just on twitter. I’m always happy to say hello.

I think of fanfic as practice writing and I’m looking forward to practicing my skills in 2016 as well. Thanks for reading!
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